Thread of Hard Choices (Twitter Thread)

This thread is a trend I created in December 2019, and has had the internet buzzing ever since. It puts complete focus on the Twitter user, making them choose between their favorite artists, movies and shows.

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"Could You Survive Being Black for a Day?" 

This Twitter thread and IG story in no way encapsulates all of the trauma, systematic racism and oppression that Black people go through on a daily basis, but does give a glimpse of how difficult it is navigating life while Black.

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Which X Are You? (IG Story)

This IG story takes personality quizzes to new heights and gives the audience a chance to figure out which noteworthy character they are you most like. Are you Serena, Blair, Dan or Chuck Bass?

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Will You Survive? (Halloween IG Story)

This original and audience focused Instagram story garnered over 13,000 impressions and changed Instagram as we know it, inspiring companies all over to follow suit with stories like this of their own. 

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The Tylt's Best of the Decade Awards

Music’s greatest fan armies mobilized like never before and took fan voting to the next level with The Tylt’s Best of the Decade awards. The “Who’s the Pop Icon of the Decade” bracket was won by Katy Perry over Lady Gaga and “Which Groups Won the Decade” category series was dominated by One Direction and BTS. Collectively, the two voting opportunities gathered 16 million votes during a flurry of activity across social media and on The Tylt’s site where fans strategized and rallied each other to push their favorites to the finish.

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