Original Interactive IG Stories

This original and audience focused Instagram story garnered over 13,000 impressions and changed the IG landscape, inspiring many companies to follow suit with stories like this of their own. 

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This IG story takes personality quizzes to new heights and gives the audience a chance to figure out which Gossip Girl character they are? Serena, Dan, Blair and Chuck are all noteworthy characters, but which one are you most like?

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A creative and fun IG story that let's the audience be Kris Jenner's assistant for a day. Slide after slide, users are debating between what errands and tasks they should prioritize for Kris. Will you get fired? 

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This is the second installment to the "Will You Survive' franchise. This story, which also garnered over 10,000 impressions, focused on the frenzy that is Black Friday and making it out alive. Can you survive the crowds? 

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