A Thread of Hard Choices !

A Thread of Hard Choices (Series)

This series as a whole has over 100 million impressions.

Take a look at some of this series' success, as it has gone viral and trended multiple times.

The tweets below combined have over 5 million impressions!

This tweet is one of the first tweets of this series to go viral. It has 1.5 million impressions and trended with "Lilo."

This tweet crossed over to Instagram and was featured on The Shade Room. They have over 18 million followers.

Because people were so divided over which character they would save, this tweet trended with the the words  "Snape" and "Poussey," with fans battling it out for who deserved to come back more.

Everyone likes to reminisce about their childhood, which is why this tweet did so well. People had a hard time deciding on which show they should keep, so "ICarly" and "Victorious" trended while people hashed it out amongst themselves.

Amanda Bynes, Raven-Symoné, Hilary Duff and Lindsay Lohan ruled the '00s, so it's easy to see why people had a hard time choosing. This tweet led to all four women trending on Twitter.

The series as a whole has changed Twitter for the better, and now many brands are following in this thread's footsteps:

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